Scale is a tool that is used to quickly identify items that are proportionate to your project and/or dollhouse and the other pieces in it.  However, just like in real life where we have small, medium, and large variations on an item, actual measurements of scaled items can vary according to the vision of the Artisan.

Most of our dollhouses, dollhouse kits, dollhouse furniture, and miniature accessories are in 1" Scale. (1/12, 1:12) 1" Scale means 1 inch = 1 foot. So if a standard item in real life, such as a bathtub, is 6' in length, then in 1" miniature scale it would be 6" in length.  1" Scale is the most popular scale in dollhouse miniatures today.

We also offer dollhouses and miniatures in 1/2" and 1/4" Scales. (1:24,1/24 and 1:48,1/48 Scale). We even have dollhouses and miniature furnishings in 1/144 (1:144) Scale, which is SO tiny and cute!

All of the items on our site are 1" scale unless they are denoted as being a different scale, or in a specific scale category. All of our products also have the scale listed on their associated product detail page under the measurements tab.

Barbie is considered Play Scale, or Fashion Doll scale, and we only have a few items for this scale at this time.  However, when creativity and imagination is the only limit, using pictures and flowers to decorate or life-like food goods to fill cabinets and cupboards you create a more realistic, imaginative, and fun play experience dressing up your dolls environment like no other!  Due to choking or any other potential hazard pieces are not recommended for children under 10. 

Do note that the vision of the manufacturer and/or Artisan can vary, thus there are times that actual measurements and proportion will vary. We continue to work on getting measurements on all of our items. If something doesn't have a measurement, simply contact us and we will update our listing just for you!

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