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Under New Management!

Unfortunately, the previous owner, Cory, died unexpectedly and we just recently aquired the brand. We apologize on behalf of Cory's family/team for any issues that arose prior to our taking over the brand. You can read more about this on our About Us page. We are currently working on current customer care issues as well as any other documented past issues. Some of our policies have changed slightly, thus, we apprecaite if you take a short time to review our policies in our help section, but you can expect the site and procedure to operate as expected or better.

Typically outstanding items are addressed proactively with an additional shipment or store credit. However, in the transition of the company there may be some that were missed. If this is the case and you have items outstanding, we can expedite your request with the following process:

Response Time: On Time. If you still need assistance with an order or outstanding item please submit an RMA request for expedited resolution.

We are happy to assist you with any issue via a digital method as all inquiries must be made in writing. For questions about an order or for more information about our products, please use the form below. Please ensure to include your order number and/or product SKU you inquire about.

Before you contact us:

  • You must contact us via the channel in which you placed your order. If you placed your order on another website, we must provide customer service through that website as per our agreements with other online sales channels for listing our products. Any inquiries made through this website on orders placed through other sales channels (ie. Jet, Bonanza) will not be replied to.
  • Orders using our Free Economy Shipping code DELAYSHIP dispatches according to the Free Economy Shipping Dispatch Schedule >> GO >>
  • Discounts and promotions can not be applied retroactively. Codes are case-sensitive as well. For more information on redeeming promotion codes please see our help section page Discounts, Vouchers, Store Credits, & Gift Certificates.
  • You may wish to check our new Help Center for a faster answer to your question. Go to Help Center >>
  • Check your tracking information. You can log into your account, click order history, click the order you inquire about, and click the tracking link to see where the order is. If the item says it has been delivered but it has not, the first step is to contact your local USPS route carrier/Office as they are very good about locating mis-delivered parcels.
  • Check your store credits. If you are missing an item, check to see if you have a new store credit. If so, the item(s) did not ship and a store credit was issued as per our OOS policy.
  • If you are inquiring about outstanding items, and you have not received a refund, store credit notice, or back order notice, please check your original packing slip for more information, and/or your inbox for additional communications as more information is sent as it becomes available.
  • Please only contact us one-time via one communication avenue (email, contact us form, or chat) about an issue. If you do attempt to contact us via our many channels this will delay our reply as we must ensure multiple replies are not sent.
  • Finally, from time to time, issues come up. Our sincerest apology in advance, and we are happy to take action to remedy any issues that do come up. But, in an effort to maintain a positive work environment for our customer service team, please be kind and respectful and you can expect to receive the same in return, for the issue was most likely not from their error and they are simply a messenger in the process. We appreciate your help with this.

All inquries must be made in writing for tracking, recording, and resolution purposes. We will be happy to provide phone assistance for issues that can not be addressed digitally. Please submit your issue through the contact us form below that includes your email address, brief description, phone number and the best time to call should a call back be be necessary. Submitting this information ahead of any call provides our team the ability to have remedial action readily available. Inquiries made without an email address and brief description may not be replied to.

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For any question about an order

For any question about a product

For questions about a return request. If you haven't already, please see our new Returns Center (under 'My Account') to start the return process.

To send a request for a credit to be issued to your account for an order that shipped in less parcels than what was defined at checkout.

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