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Dollhouse Furniture

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Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse furniture is our specialty, and our collection boasts beautiful and affordable high quality furniture. We supply everything you need to furnish your dollhouse to your unique luxury, modern, contemporary, or classic style taste for any creative mind! Miniature Furniture for every room including living room furniture, kitchen furnishings, bedroom furniture, bathroom furnishings, dining room furniture, game room accessories, laundry room sets, music room furnishings, nursery furnishings, unfinished furniture, and outdoor living! Check back as we continue to add to our dollhouse furniture selection!

  • Bathroom Furniture & Fixtures

    You can create a high-end spa-like retreat, or a simple country style bathroom for your favorite dollhouse with our high-quality dollhouse miniature bathroom furniture. Our dollhouse bathroom furniture line includes bathroom fixtures and accessories. Available in sets or separate pieces to mix and match.

  • Bedroom Furniture

    Create a 5-star refuge or a simple children's retreat with quality dollhouse bedroom furniture. The bedroom is in some ways the most important room in the house. It is the sanctuary away from the troubles of the world, the ultimate escape from day to day life. Behind closed doors in the bedroom, problems can be forgotten. To create a setting for restful slumber, think about what colors and styles produce the greatest happiness and peace of mind. Your bedroom is private, so the interior design of your bedroom is all about your personal style. Rest assured you will find everything you need from our selection of bedroom dollhouse furniture to create a beautiful sanctuary.

  • Dining Room Furniture
    Feast your eyes on the our fine selection of dining room furniture. From luxury styles to serve your five-course meal, to simple and modern for a family dinner, our dining room furniture selection will serve up a fresh new look for your dollhouse dining rooms. Dollhouse miniature furniture pieces can be purchased separately or in sets.
  • Game Room Furnishings
    Create the perfect place for family and friends of all ages to gather year round! The game room in your dollhouse will provide togetherness, quality time, and fun! Our line of miniature dollhouse furniture for your game room includes pool tables and accessories, chess sets, and game room sets. There is no limit to the fun you will have when you add the game room to your favorite dollhouse.
  • Bar

    Look no further. We have all you need to build a miniature Dollhouse Bar of your dreams!

    If you need to finish a Bar, Restaurant or outdoor patio setting, we have a wide selection of high quality and affordable products to build the atmosphere you’re looking for.  In our selection, you’ll find terrific models including wood, metal, bamboo and many others to custom fit your décor and style. We are committed to providing high quality miniature Doll House bars, chairs, bar stools and accessories at affordable pricing.

  • Hallway Furnishings
    Dollhouse hallways need miniature furnishings too! Your front entry way is also a focal point of your home, and a magnificent foyer turns a drab dollhouse into a luxurious one.
  • Kitchen Furnishings & Fixtures
    Our line of dollhouse kitchen furnishings and fixtures will prove to be a culinary delight! Spoil your personal chef rotten with our beautiful dollhouse kitchen sets, or mix and match one of a kind pieces including stoves, refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, tables, chairs, and kitchen accessories. Make your dollhouse's kitchen as one of a kind as that fancy feast. While the main function of a kitchen is cooking or preparing food, it may also be used for dining and entertaining so dress it up with miniature dining room furniture or miniature dollhouse accessories!
  • Laundry Room Furnishings
    Give your miniature family the best of the modern world with an updated laundry room. Our dollhouse laundry room furniture includes laundry room sets, washers, dryers, and laundry sinks. Dollhouse miniatures for your laundry room will put a sparkle in your homemakers eye.
  • Living Room Furniture
    Featuring victorian replica, luxury, classic and modern living room furniture. Purchase in sofas and chairs in sets or mix and match pieces to create your own unique style. Everything you need to create a living room worth living in. Dollhouse furniture at its finest!
  • Miscellaneous Furnishings
    Miscellaneous dollhouse furnishings are the things that make your dollhouse a unique doll home.
  • Music Room Furnishings
    Music is pleasure to your ears, and what's more inspiring for musicians than a personalized room surrounding them with the things they enjoy? If have a music room in your dollhouse, you know it's the perfect place to gather together with friends and family, especially during the holidays and other special occasions. That's one reason you put extra effort into making this dollhouse room extra special. Miniature furnishings including pianos, harps, music room sets and accessories for a harmonious room for all to love. Adding decorative lettering and photos to your music room is certain to appeal to your sense of vision as well.
  • Nursery Furnishings
    Bring baby home to a brand new miniature nursery. While nothing will ever be good enough for your new pride and joy, our collection of miniature nursery furniture is sure to extend your already glowing smiles and create a warm and inviting surroundings for your baby to grow up in.
  • Office & Library Furniture

    Create your dream space with our wide selection of miniature Office & Library Furniture.  Weather your looking to add a library or office space, we offer quality affordable Office Bookcases, Office Cabinets, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Office Sets and Bookshelves that will surely make your space fun for any mini enthusiatist.

  • Outdoor Furniture

    Add color and charm to your backyard, patio, porch or deck with a variety of dollhouse miniature garden and Outdoor Furniture décor. Shop our Outdoor Benches, Chairs, Furniture Sets or Picnic & Outdoor Tables and discover a style that helps bring artistic appeal to your miniature backyard to create your own personal vibe.

  • Sewing Room Furnishings

    Shop our full section of Dollhouse Sewing Room Furnishings and Supplies. You'll find everything you’ll need from doll house sewing machines and sets, yarn, embroidery threads, buttons, irons, scissors and more! Everything the miniature enthusiast will need in creating your dream dollhouse sewing room. 

  • Unfinished Miniature Furniture
    Finish and decorate our unfinished miniature furniture to create new custom furniture sets, or boast your personal charm and style. With pieces for every room including living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, it's your way when you start from scratch with unfinished dollhouse furniture.
  • Rattan & Wicker Dollhouse Furniture
    Browse dollhouse rattan & wicker furniture. Our rattan and wicker collection includes miniature rattan sofas, chairs, tables, beds, lamps, shelves, dressers and other spectacular rattan and wicker pieces to create a beautifully crafted atmosphere in any dollhouse room.
  • Art Room

    Browse through our wide collection of Dollhouse Art Room Supplies. You’ll find everything you want to consider when opening or designing a new Art Room. We offer quality products at affordable pricing for all our products ranging from crayons, scissors, glues, cabinets, shelves, easel's, picture frames, canvas’s and more!

    Go crazy filling your cupboards, closets, and art room with craft supplies from Superior Dollhouse Miniatures. 

  • Store Furniture

    When deciding on your Dollhouse Store Furniture and supplies you’ll need to consider your doll house store floor plan, furniture and display cases for your products. Browse our selection of Store Furniture supplies and create your dream Restaurant, Soda Shop, Gift Shop, Barber Shop, Salon, Bakery or Grocery store. We offer a variety of mini shelves, display cases, store counters, booth seating, soda fountain sets, table and chair sets to meet all your needs. 

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Showing 1 - 18 of 6926 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 6926 items
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