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Dollhouse Building Material

Building Material The dollhouse of your dreams can now be a reality with our dollhouse building materials. Miniature building materials include windows, doors, stairs, siding, chimneys, cupolas, dormers, baseboards, crown moldings, wainscoting, ceiling carvings and so much more.
  • Baseboards
    Accenutate your dollhouse decor with beautiful baseboard molding.
  • Ceiling Carvings
    Accenutate your dollhouse decor with beautiful ceiling carvings.
  • Crown Molding
    Carved Crown Molding provides the ability to transform any room of your dollhouse into a sophisticated piece of art. We are offering the most exquisite selection of dollhouse crown molding with a wide array of design patterns and sizes. Our carved moldings offer superior quality and crisp, well-defined details.
  • Dollhouse Doors
    Enter that room in style through our fine selection of dollhouse doors
  • Dollhouse Porch
    A distinctive porch is a welcome addition to any home. It adds functionality and value to your dollhouse. Enjoy the outdoors and bond with your neighborhood relaxing on your dollhouse porch.
  • Dollhouse Siding
    Dollhouse Siding | Dollhouse Building Material | Superior Dollhouse Miniatures
  • Dollhouse Stairs
    Your moving on up to the next level with the stairs in our dollhouse building materials collection. From spiral to classic these stairs are sturdy and life-like.
  • Dollhouse Trim
    Trim is an effective, if often overlooked, means of dressing up your dollhouse. It is like the bow on a finely wrapped gift which makes that gift stand out from the others, and is an enticing invitation for the special person lucky enough to receive it. In much the same way, your entry ways can be the focal point of your home and represent the feel or ambience of your dollhouse. Miniature trim is a great way to creatively enhance the style and grace of your miniature entryways. It's the trim that provides that finishing touch to your dollhouse project. No dollhouse is complete without it.
  • Dollhouse Windows
    Windows are a defining feature for the interior and exterior of your home. Increase the overall comfort and value of your dollhouse with high quality miniature windows. Let the sun shine in on your exquisite dollhouse decor with the windows of your dreams.
  • Dormers & Cupolas
    Turn your dollhouse roofline from dull to distinguished with dollhouse dormers and cupolas. Not only can you ad space and light to your dollhouse, but style that is custom and unique.
  • Ground Cover & Scenery
    When you look at a home, one of your first impressions comes from its landscaping. An attractive front lawn can go a long way in your overall perception of the home. A professional landscape design for your dollhouse emphasizes luxury and outdoor living. Our selection of miniature scenery and ground covers are exactly what you need to simulate the beautiful backyard you are dreaming about.
  • Miniature Dollhouse Appliques
    Turn a drab room to deluxe with our miniature appliques. We have a wide variety of miniature dollhouse appliques suitable for every room in your dollhouse.
  • Miscellaneous Building Materials
    Here you will find all of the other odds and ends that round out your dollhouse project in a big way!
  • Railings, Posts, & Columns
    Accenutate your dollhouse decor with beautiful railings, columns and posts.
  • Roofing & Shingles
  • Stained, Etched & Plexi Glass
    Adorn your dollhouse with beautiful patterns, textures, pictures, and colors when you add miniature stained or etched glass windows.
  • Stripwood/Sheetwood

    Create baseboards, moldings, doors, window, and furniture from scratch with our selection of stripwood & sheetwood. With your imagination and wheels turning you will find many uses for stripwood.

  • Lattice

    Add lattice anywhere you want to supplement your project with more decoration. Stain to match your existing woodwork. From a garden trelis, fence topper, or ornamental panel indoors or out, lattice will add a unique flair to any space.

  • Chair Rail & Wainscoting
  • Clapboard
  • Dollhouse Fencing & Retaining Walls
  • Plywood
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Showing 1 - 18 of 4517 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 4517 items
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